Make Plans With Larry

Make Plans With Larry

Schedule a counseling appointment in Beaumont, TX

For 20 years, Larry Walker, LPC, PLLC has served as a counselor in the community of Beaumont, TX and the surrounding region. As a Christian counselor, Larry Walker believes in the power of integrating faith into counseling and psychotherapy.

Whether you’re struggling as an individual or in the context of a personal relationship, Larry Walker will help you understand your emotions, overcome obstacles and find positive solutions to problems in your life.

Accepting Every Client

Larry Walker welcomes anybody who’s struggling to his practice in Beaumont, TX, with an understanding that faith plays an important role in the Christian-based counseling that he offers. Larry’s willing to meet outside the counseling office as needed, and he’s willing to work with clients in terms of the fees.

To schedule an appointment today, simply call the office and fill out the form below prior to your visit. Larry looks forward to hearing from you.