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Christian counseling and therapy in Beaumont, TX

Larry Walker, LPC has spent 18 years as a therapist in Beaumont, Texas. Aside from his work in counseling, Larry serves as a pastor in the local community. He believes that faith has an important role to play in the lives of individuals and families as they search for personal and relational healing.

Larry offers professional, Christian-based counseling for a range of personal and interpersonal challenges, including:

<b>Anger management therapy</b>

Anger management therapy

Are you struggling to control your rage? Do you feel like a volcano, just ready to explode? Larry Walker can help you diffuse your anger habits before you lose control.

<b>Anxiety therapy</b>

Anxiety therapy

Are you stressed, sometimes for no apparent reason? Would you like to learn inner peace and coping techniques for everyday life? Larry Walker can help in your struggle with anxiety.

<b>Christian therapy</b>

Christian therapy

Do you have questions about faith? Or personal matters for which you’d like a spiritual perspective? Larry Walker bring therapy and faith together in his Christian-based practice.

<b>Communication therapy</b>

Communication therapy

Do you have trouble getting your point across, either in an intimate relationship or in general? Would you like to learn better communication strategy? Larry Walker will help you learn to speak your mind healthily and effectively.

<b>Depression therapy</b>

Depression therapy

Depression is a serious and increasingly common illness with numerous contributing factors. If you’re experiencing signs of depression, Larry Walker can help you take important steps toward healing.

<b>Family and parent therapy</b>

Family and parent therapy

The family is the most important and influential unit in life. So when something isn’t healthy in your family, it’s important to find a solution. Larry Walker has years of experience helping families discover healing and restoration.

<b>Marriage counseling</b>

Marriage counseling

Marriages will always have their challenges, but they don’t have to be hard. If you’re struggling to remember why you ever said, “I do,” Larry Walker can help you heal your relationship for a brighter future.

<b>Grief counseling</b>

Grief counseling

Losing someone you love is never easy. Often it leaves one questioning themselves, the world and God. Larry Walker can help you process your grief after the death of a loved one, and ultimately find healing.

Whatever your issue or struggle may be, you don’t have to suffer alone! Call (409) 833-6747 to schedule an appointment with Larry Walker, LPC, PLLC today.